Monday, February 19, 2007

My Coffee Table Book

I had a photo shoot with my new coffee table book.
I wish you could see it face to face and touch it with your own hands. You can even smell it if you want. I love my new coffee table book. It is so cool. If you've seen it already, then you know it's pretty cool! It's slick and smooth and has a lovely finish on the cover and on the pages.
Coffee Table Books (hard cover book bound):
5x5-20 pg--$90
5x5-30 pg--$105
7x7-20 pg--$112
7x7-30 pg--$135
8x8-20 pg--$250
10x10-20 pg--$288
10x10-30 pg--$340
Hard Cover Stitch Bound
7x10-28 pg--$270 (shown above)


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